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Patras Rehabilitation Center Reception

The IN-patient Rehabilitation and Recovery Center offers 135 beds.

All the hospitalization wards are spacious and luxurious, close to the countryside, with electric remote-controlled beds of personal autonomy, personal phone, TV set, access to P/C and internet connection, as well as ultra modern nurses calling system. The bathrooms in all rooms provide special equipment for persons with mobility limitations.

The specialized medical personnel, consists of doctors of all specialties: Physiatrists, general practitioners, orthopedists, neurologists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons but also other scientists: psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, ergotherapists, speech therapists, special teachers for children, social workers and nurses.

The Center provides services for in-patients and out-patients, since it is possible for the patients to be transferred from their home to the Center and back, with special vehicle for the transfer of wheelchairs (mini bus) or fully equipped ambulance, after coordination.

The Center is contracted with the National Health Insurance (EOPYY) as well as with other public health sectors and with all the well known private insurance companies, local and international. Possibility of settlement control through bank accounts and credit cards, is also offered.

 +  Information for In-patients

Information for your admission:

For the Admission procedure, your actions prior to the admission, the necessary documents that should be submitted and the services offered at the Center, you may be informed by calling directly at the In-patients Admission’s Office – Patient’s Billing Department of the OLYMPION Rehabilitation and Recovery Center. The experienced and highly qualified administrative personnel will answer to any question that you might have. The Department operates 7 days a week, from 7.00am to 22.00pm.

By initially completing the “Pre-evaluation form” and e-mailing it to grkinisis.kaa@olympion-sa.gr / rehab@olympion-sa.com or faxing it to (+30) 2610 464091, you are enabled to communicate with the Center’s Physiatrist.

For the patients admission at the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, with the use of the Public Health Insurance sector (EOPYY), electronic medical report and submission of electronic request to the EOPYY is required, by the treating doctor of the Public or the Private Hospital in which the patient is being hospitalized, stamped and signed by the requesting doctor and the Director of the Hospital in which the patient is staying.

The procedure should be carried out whilst the patient is being hospitalized and within 48 hours prior to his discharge. The request’s development is followed by the requesting doctor. Once the decision of approval arrives from the Health Insurance, the patient is transferred directly from the Hospital he is staying to the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in order to continue his hospitalization.

In order to be informed in detail for the relevant procedure, you may call the In-patient Admissions Office – Billing Department of the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, directly, at the following landlines: 2610 464001 and 2610 464003 or suggest the related link www.eopyy.gov.gr (Professional – Electronic Healthcare Benefits Services – Medical Procedures – Medical Reports for Benefits EKPY – User’s Connection) to your treating doctor.

Upon Admission, please make sure you have the following:

  • Personal Identification card or Passport (patient’s and escort’s)
  • Αριθμό μητρώου Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης (ΑΜΚΑ) και ΑΦΜ
  • Social Security Number (SSN – AMKA) and VAT number
  • Original electronic medical report and the Health Insurance’s approval letter for the admission at the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center
  • Medical Report upon Discharge from the Hospital – Pharmaceutical treatment administered – Recent diagnostic tests
  • Discharge Report from the Hospital

Things you should carry with you:

  • Personal hygiene and care objects (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, bath sponge, shampoo)
  • Pyjamas, Night gown, slippers
  • Athletic outfits, athletic shoes and bathing suit for participating in the related therapies

 +  For your Hospitalization

Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

The patient follows the program of physical and medical rehabilitation which is defined by the Center’s Physiatrist and is adjusted to his needs. There is constant surveillance of the patient’s recovery course by the Center’s Physicians and the patient’s physical and medical programs are adjusted depending on his condition and development, always aiming improvement in walking, standing, communication and self-service.

The special diet is part of the therapeutic programs.

The Center’s special Dietician/Nutritionist, in coordination with the treating doctors, forms the feeding program of the In-patients according to their needs. More specifically, upon the patient’s admission to the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, along with the recording of the patient’s history, information in regards to the patient’s nutritional history is collected and a special questionnaire is completed in order to define the patient’s nourishment indicator, the result of which is significant for the nutritional program that the patient will follow during his hospitalization.

During the hospitalization, weekly checks are performed in regards to the patient’s weight (scale on wheel chair and accuracy scale), and in coordination with the treating doctors, individualized instructions are provided to every patient and his family, a fact that contributes to the most direct possible goal achievement in relation to his condition and the improvement of his life quality. Also, with the medical co-evaluation, the monthly feeding schedule can be modified according to the patient’s energy needs, when and where they present themselves. Finally, upon the patient’s discharge from the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, in coordination with the treating physicians and the special dietician/nutritionist, instructions are given to the patient and his family in regards to his nutrition schedule, to follow when he returns home, in order to retain the correct nutritional behavior according to his needs.

What you should do with the medicines you received until today

After your admission at the Rehabilitation and Recovery Center facilities and upon your medical history recording by the medical and nursing personnel, you should inform your doctor or the Head nurse, for the pharmaceutical treatment you have been receiving and then you should hand over your medicines to the nursing personnel for keeping. You should not keep your medication in your drawer or receive other medication than the medication administered by the Center’s doctors, as this could alter your clinical presentation and delay your improvement.

Security of personal belongings

Upon your admission at the Center, you should not bring with you any valuables (objects, jewelry, large amounts of cash). Kindly, please keep your personal belongings in a safe place and secure them every time you leave your ward.

 +  General Information

In every room there is intercommunication system, special lighting, TV set, air-conditioning and telephone.

The height and the slant of the beds are adjusted with special control. All the control keys have been incorporated on the bed. Use of internet Capability of wifi use through your portable p/c. Hair dresser After coordination with the Head nurse.

 +  Information for your Discharge

First you need your doctor’s agreement for discharge. Your doctor will advise you for the steps you need to follow after your discharge from the OLYMPION facilities. In order to conclude the procedures of your discharge, you should contact the In-patients Admissions Office & Billing Department, in order to settle any financial debts and at the same time process your Health Insurance procedures.

Before your discharge, please make sure that:

  • You have been informed about the treatment that you should follow
  • You have received all the medical documents you need to take with you upon discharge
  • You did not leave any personal belongings in the ward
  • You have settled any financial debt and received your Discharge Report at the In-patients Admissions Office & Billing Department
  • You have scheduled possible follow-up medical appointment at the OLYMPION facilities
  • You have been informed about the Out-patient procedures in case it has been suggested by your doctor and you wish to continue with the medical rehabilitation program as an Out-patient

For your transportation from the OLYMPION facilities, you may use the Ambulance or the mini bus, after coordination with the In-patients Admissions Office/ Billing Department.

Copy of your medical file and verification letters

In order to receive a copy of your medical file and hospitalization verification letters, you may complete the relevant request letter at the In-patients Admissions Office/ Billing Department. Within 3 days time, you will be able to receive them yourself or any other person that you have authorized.

For your better service, you may previously call at (+30) 2610 464 001, -3.

 +  Information for Out-patients

The patients are offered the possibility to participate in the program of medical and physical Rehabilitation and Recovery, also as Out-patients. At the numbers (+30) 2610 464 001, -3, you may call and schedule a Physiatrist’s evaluation consultation and be informed about the procedures you need to follow in order to be covered by your Health Insurance.

The Rehabilitation and Recovery program includes sessions of physiothrapy, ergothjerapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and psychological support.

For your transfer to and from the OLYMPION Center, you may use the Ambulance or the mini bus, after coordination.




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