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OLYMPION Rehabilitation and Recovery Center of Thessalia

The OLYMPION Rehabilitation and Recovery Center of Thessalia, is an ultra modern healthcare structure of high standards and one of the most conclusive Rehabilitation and Recovery Centers in Europe.

It is ideally situated within an 18.000 square meter location in the center of Greece, in Agnantero of Karditsa, very close to the towns of Karditsa and Trikala.

The Center’s main goal is to offer specialized recovery and rehabilitation services, to people with mobility, functional and cognitive deficiencies due to injury, disease or aging, that result in difficulty to the patient’s self-service and independent living.

Within 8.500 square meter facilities of international standard architectural design, with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and specialized medical equipment, staffed by highly trained and experienced personnel consisting of doctors, nurses and health professionals of all the necessary specialties (physiotherapists, ergotherpaists, speech therapists, psychologist, fitness instructors), all cooperating under the guidance of the Rehabilitation Physiatrist, with common goal the maximum personal improvement of every hospitalized and cared patient, through individualized medical practice and therapeutic surveillance, the following Departments operate:

nursery staff

 +  IN-patient Department

The IN-patient Department offers 36 luxurious and spacious rooms, with 80 beds.

  • Electric remotely controlled beds of personal autonomy
  • Ultra modern nurses calling system
  • Personal phone, TV set
  • Access to Wifi and P/C
  • Esepcially equipped bathrooms in all the rooms for people with mobility limitations.

 +  Physiotherapy Department

  • Microwave – short wave diathermies
  • Laser
  • Equipment/Devices: Ultrasound, Electrotherapy devices – cross & suction, Infrared

Ultraviolet, Magnet therapy, cold and warm pads devices, hyperthermia, lymphatic drainage, lumbar-cervical traction, Biofeedback, Paraffin bath

  • Knee – tibial – shoulder – elbow – hand CPM

 +  Hydrotherapy Department & Swimming pool area

The Department offers a swimming pool with emerging bottom, temperature control, walking Bath, parallel walking bars, cranes, quadrupole whirlpool bath, Stanger, personal hydromassage.

 +  Therapeutic Gym Department

  • Antigravity Treadmill (Alter G)
  • Unweighing system – Biodex
  • Strengthening equipment: quadriceps, biceps, abductors, adductors, chest, shoulders, gluteal, abdominal, lumbar area, pronation – supination- flexion – extention
  • Foot press equipment
  • Upper-lower extremities & shoulder blade trochlea
  • Pull over
  • Ergometric treadmill
  • Static-dynamic bicycle
  • Multi-bars
  • Walking treadmill
  • Ballance training system (Biodex)

 +  Psychology and Speech Therapy Department

  • Stroboscope
  • Digital sound
  • P/C with special speech therapy programs
  • Doctor speech
  • Training system
  • musical instruments, books, toys, etc.

 +  Ergotherapy Department

  • Self-service training area for people with disabilities
  • P/C with biofeedback programs
  • Armeo Spring and upper extremities Biometrics
  • Isokinetic dynamometer
  • Tilt table, BOBATH bed, etc.

 +  Robotic Rehabilitation Department

  • Spinal Decompression Robotic System, Extentrac Elite M3D
  • Robotic Rehabilitation of the upper extremity – Armeo Spring
  • Ergotherapeutic evaluation and hand training – Biometrics system
  • Isokinetic equipment Biodex
  • Biodex Crane
  • Anti-gravity treadmill Alter G
  • Cervical spine evaluation MCU
  • Ergoline bicycle
  • Tilt table Hocoma

 +  Special Therapies Department

  • Spasticity management
  • Mesotherapy

 +  Evaluation Lab

  • Electromyographer
  • Plantar scanner
  • Ergometric bicycles
  • Isokinetic systems
  • Functional evaluation of the cervical spine (BTE-MCU)
  • Body composition device
  • Bone density measurement
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital Radiology
  • Memory test
  • Psychometric tests

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