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State-of-the-art Medical Technology

At the OLYMPION Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, state-of-the-art medical equipment is used for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological, rheumatological, orthopedic conditions, cardiorespiratory conditions as well as people with disabilities.

Robotic rehabilitation of upper extremity – Armeo Spring  

With the use of this specific equipment, complete recording of the free movement is possible, on all the axes of the shoulder articulation joint, the elbow, the cubitocarpal and also of the capturing capability of the hand in any orthopedic, rheumatologic or neurological condition of the upper extremity. It offers up to complete anti gravity capability, a fact that ensures its early use in conditions such as strokes, rotator cuff tear, shoulder – forearm – hand stiffness or contractures, as well as in the postoperative rehabilitation of the tendons of the flexor or extensor muscles of the hand.

Ergotherapist’s evaluation and hand training – Biometric system 

This system is used in clinical evaluation as well as in preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation of conditions regarding the functionality of the upper extremity and specifically of the cubit and the hand. The recording of all the possible movements and functionality is attainable, the recording and observation of the motion range especially of the small articulation joints of the hand. Through biofeedback programs on the computer screen and with different degree of difficulty for each condition, the functional retraining of the upper extremity is pleasantly carried out.

Isokinetic equipment BTE 

The isokinetic equipment BTE is also used for evaluation and rehabilitation. All the muscle groups of the body are evaluated by dynamometer, which serves mainly in the control and the definition of a specialized athletic program or rehabilitation for athletes. It is also clearly used in the postoperative rehabilitation of injuries of the rotator muscles of the shoulders (rotator cuff), in injuries of the cubit and the hand, in the postoperative rehabilitation of cruciate ligament rupture of the knee or the tibial articulation joint. The combination of isometric, plyometric and isokinetic exercises ensures the complete rehabilitation of the muscular strength and also the functionality of every extremity. The freedom in movement provided by the isokinetic turbina, enables the full isokinetic rehabilitation of any articulation joint and especially the articulation joint of the shoulder and therefore, is used in occupational injuries of athletes (i.e. pitchers) or other heavy duty professions.

Anti gravity treadmill Alter G  

The specific anti gravity treadmill Alter G, follows the philosophy of the complete or controlled weight and velocity exercise. It has the capacity of complete (up to 100%) removal of the practitioner’s body weight, which facilitates walking retraining of people with bad balance, intense muscular weakness of the lower extremities, neurological or operated orthopedic cases. It is also used for cardiorespiratory rehabilitation programs, applied to the general public as well as to cardiological and cardiosurgical cases.

Cervical spine evaluation MCU  

This is an evaluation system of the cervical spine functionality, which comes from the United States and is used very widely abroad, especially in Australia. Recording is possible in 32 positions of the cervical spine motion range, on all axes. It can be used as an evaluation mean of cervical pain, in the general population, as well as in preoperative and postoperative evaluation phase. Also, in the intervertebral disc hernia repair, discectomy and laminectomy, radiculitis syndrome.

Modern Therapeutic Gym

The Therapeutic Gym Department provides the combination of the following equipment: (a) Anti gravity treadmill Alter G (b)Walking training system Unweighing System Biodex (c) Robotic equipment of early neurological rehabilitation Hocoma Erigo (d) Isokinetic bicycle (e) Balance evaluation and training electronic disc Biodex. The combination of the specific equipment ensures the patients training with intense muscular weakness of the lower extremities or with balance disorders in standing position and in walking due to neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, myopathy, muscle disease, stroke, etc. or orthopedic conditions at the conservative stage of rehabilitation or the postoperative phase with complete security.

The extra use of the Robotic equipment Hocoma Erigo, assures the treatment and rehabilitation of the early and the mature phase of the patients neurological rehabilitation, post cranial-brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, strokes but also after prolonged ICU hospitalization, giving them sensorimotor stimulations, preventing muscular atrophy and creation of contractures or ectopic ossifications, controling spasticity and creating new engrams in the cerebral structures.

Ergometric equipment Ergoline

The ergometric bicycles ERS Ergoline Reha System are used in the cardiorespiratory rehabilitation of people with mild or advanced cardiac failure and also in the postoperative cardiac conditions rehabilitation. They have the ability to configure the resistance and burden during exercise, in relation to the cardiac frequency, the EKG check and pressure of the practitioner, in such way, that the therapeutic exercise is performed with absolute safety and with no increase of the cardiac stress. They accept the stress test data, based on which, the program of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is defined. They also have potential to support interval training programs which can be used for professional and non professional practitioners that need to improve their aerobic and anaerobic capability.


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