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The Olympion Rehabilitation and Senior Residence in Ioannina

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Ioannina Rehabilitation and Senior Care Center. Our duty is to guide you within the trusting and supportive facilities of the Center, as well as to introduce you to the amazing natural beauty of Epirus, with its unique climate and nutrition, in order to find your inner balance and restore and strengthen your physical and mental health.

The Olympion Rehabilitation and Care Center, consisting of 99 beds, combines high-end medical and technical infrastructure with the latest treatment methods and a variety of therapeutic approaches. The diverse range of therapies, combined with the state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities, create an outstanding Rehabilitation and Care Center in Greece, as well as in the Mediterranean region.

Through holistic approach and interdisciplinary treatment teams, a specialized range of therapies is carried out for every condition, which are adapted to each patient's needs in order to successfully support the rehabilitation.

Olympion Senior Care Center

Imagine that when everyday life begins to get difficult and you need more support and help, you can experience your lifelong dream with your transition to your new Mediterranean home. Whether it‘ s a short or a longer stay, the mild climate and the Mediterranean environment will make a significant contribution to improve your well-being. With the high-quality care according to the German Care model (PflegenachDeutschen Standards), and the state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatments that we offer create an environment full of trust and security for every patient!

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Our concept

Our concept is the result of a professional collaboration among a German Care (Deutsche Pflegestandards) standard nursing management team, geriatric specialists, doctors and nutritionists. Great emphasis and priority are given to the residents’ personal interests, always based on an integrative care approach. The Olympion Community is an institution with international and intercultural aspects, where each resident can contribute with his or her strengths and weaknesses to the community. It is particularly important for us to support the individuality and independence of each resident and to respect his personal needs and habits.

Target groups

The Olympion nursing home offers 35 single and double rooms accommodating people of all care levels. The institution can host residents for a shorter or longer period. The nature and extent of the nursing and care services are adjusted according to the individual’s state, needs and wishes, as well as the severity of need for treatment.

The nursing service

The nursing staff of our unit consists of experienced professionals, specially trained in the care of the elderly. They secure and promote the quality of life of the elderly. Their goal is the smooth integration of residents into their new living space and their daily, personalized nursing care, thus contributing to the well-being of every resident.

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Medical care

The Olympion Nursing Home is located in close proximity to the city of Ioannina with public hospital infrastructure.

Organizational structure and quality management

Our nursing management team is made up of experienced home care professionals with professional experience in Germany and Switzerland. The work is carried out according to the quality standards observed by the elderly care facilities in Germany with the aim of continuously optimizing the care services offered, the Quality Management Team performs daily checks at the Elderly Care Unit and proposes improvements if and when required. The core processes are well defined and described. These are transparently monitored and further developed by defined interfaces.

The Facility

The entire complex of the Olympion Care home is accessible and barrier – free facility as it is built without "obstacles" offering to the person a feeling of safety and comfort . It’s a high quality and spacious construction, providing a range of additional services and amenities which fulfil residents with a sense of relaxation and wellness. The complex offers:

  • Sunny public areas
  • Big terrace on each floor
  • Dining room with outside sitting area
  • Sunny as well as shaded exterior areas
  • Exercise room
  • Indoor pool with lift
  • Ergo therapy room
  • Art Therapy room
  • Spa and Wellness treatments rooms
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Residents can choose from single or double rooms, which can be arranged according to their own needs and ideas. The basic amenities of the rooms at the Olympion nursing home include: 

  • Fully equipped bathroom with handicapped-accessible stand-up aids
  • Electric Care Bed
  • Bedside table
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • Nurse call
  • Oxygen connection
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • Table and chairs (only in double room).

Food and housekeeping

In addition to the varied leisure program, daily wellness also includes a balanced and healthy diet with delicious dishes from the in-house kitchen. The varied, complete diet is made with the best local products. Individual dietary requirements are considered weekly by our dieticians and nutritionists. Of course, personal preferences and wishes are taken into account as much as possible. The housekeeper takes care of cleanliness and the hygiene, including the laundry in the house facilities.

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Olympion wishes to actively involve all residents in everyday life activities and thus to ensure the best possible integration. The nursing home infrastructure offers a lot of possibilities to make the daily routine meaningful and diversified. Of course, the uniqueness of the environment and the region is also actively taken into account in the design of the programs. Cultural activities or artistic events are integral parts of the activity program. Celebrating festivals, services and traditional events is also an integral part of our Olympion concept and allows the different cultures of our residents to merge. Our goal is to make their stay more enjoyable and to miss the routine. These activities also include small or larger getaways in the nature and beautiful beaches of the area.


Gymnastics and hydrotherapy

There are specially designed programs to meet the needs of the elderly in the Unit's gym and private swimming pool. With exercises that greatly promote strength and coordination, you will be helped, as a resident of the OLYMPION Elderly Care Unit, to cope with the small challenges of everyday life without difficulty - be it stair climbing, transporting or opening screw caps. (you are going up a ladder, moving an object or unscrewing a lid).



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