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We implement the Legislation about the protection of personal information (Greek legislation 2472/1997), and all information provided by the users remain safe, protected and confidential, according to the legislative guidelines.

All personal data entered by the user in the www.olympion-rehab.com χwebpage are used exclusively for the service(s) chosen by the user. All data kept might and will be given to legal authorities, if asked, in accordance to the current laws.

About Personal Information provided by the user

Each visitor of the webpage can freely browse the pages without having to provide any personal information. Personal data (email, name, sirname) will be asked only in the case of using our communication form. All information provided by the user are strictly confidential and shall be used for communication purposes only between the user and our Renal Units for a direct and a more efficient communication. Under no circumstances shall these data be revealed, transferred, sold or exchanged by or to any third parties, unless this is enforced by legal or judicatory procedures (as stated in our Privacy Policy).


In our webpage we use "cookies", an information technology that saves small amount of data in your computer by using the software abilities provided by the web browser you have installed (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc). Cookies are harmless and cannot cause any kind of damage to the hardware or software of the user and do not alter any files. They are only stored for recognition purposes, i.e. to make our webpage more efficiently communicable to our visitors for the offered services and to better monitor the users' needs and habits.

Third parties, like Google, may advertise our webpage in other webpages.

  • Third Parties, like Google, may use cookies for informing, improving performance or advertising, based on the previous visiting of the users in our webpage olympionmxa.gr
  • Users, however may choose not to accept such cookies by Google or any other service by setting their web browser not to accept cookies, or to accept after a notice by the browser. In such a case however, you should know that you might not be able to make full use of the webpage's capabilities.
  • Olympion.gr may use Google Analytics' capabilities for viewing advertisements (i.e. reports of numbers of viewing, pages used, links created, double-clicks, pages embedded, and reports made of demographics and user information), Google

www.olympion-rehab.com and third parties, Google included, use together prime developer cookies (Like Google Analytics cookies) and third party cookies (like DoubleClick cookies) for information, optimization and advertising according to previous visiting of some users to their webpages.

www.olympion-rehab.com and third parties, Google included, use together prime developer cookies (Like Google Analytics cookies) and third party cookies (like DoubleClick cookies) to create reports on the way advertisements show on www.olympion-rehab.com, other advertising services used and their interactions with them, and how these connect to the visiting of www.olympion-rehab.com.

www.olympion-rehab.com may use the data provided by Google ads or third party data (like age, sex and other interests) with Google


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